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Developmental Editing

I work with writers who have completed an early draft of a manuscript (a novel, or a collection of short stories or personal essays) and are seeking a nuanced editorial perspective.

I'm honored to work with writers who want another perspective on their work.

 I'm drawn to any project where the writer feels a sense of uncertainty (Is this theme landing? Does that character come through the way I've intended?), because it's then that editorial partnerships and conversations can be most fruitful. 

A developmental edit might be for you if:​
  • You have completed a first draft of your manuscript and want big-picture feedback before you revise.

  • You are ready to start revising your draft but don't have a clear sense of what you need to do. 

  • You've gotten feedback from people who have read your draft that is confusing, conflicting, or disappointing

A developmental edit includes:

1. Manuscript Orientation Call


    We have a 45-minute meeting before the work begins to discuss your manuscript, where you are in the process, and your intentions and objectives.

3. Manuscript Feedback

I write a comprehensive feedback letter that details the manuscript's strengths, challenges, and places of possibility. I also write margin notes throughout the manuscript noting places of curiosity and confusion. There is also plenty of enthusiastic praise.

2. The Big Read

The best part! I read your manuscript with your questions and concerns in mind, taking notes as I go so I can provide comprehensive feedback. 

4. Feedback Debrief Meeting

We meet for a 75-minute meeting after you have received and digested my feedback on your manuscript to discuss questions, brewing ideas,

and next steps. 


The cost of a developmental edit depends heavily on:

1) a manuscript's word count and

2) the level of editing needed or desired. 


Because developmental editing is an investment of time, money, and energy for both writers and editors, I always communicate at length with writers before beginning a developmental edit to ensure that we will be productive collaborators. 


On our consult call, I'll share a detailed estimate of cost. I'll also offer to do a sample edit before we dive in to the big project.

Developmental edits can range from an investment of $1,500 to $3,500.

Payment plans are always available for developmental edits. 

Not sure if a developmental edit is what you need? Feel free to reach out to me at [gemma] If you prefer to chat via Zoom, feel free to book an intro. It's purely informational and does not obligate you to proceed with any paid services.

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