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Copywriting & Editing

Have a story to tell?

I've helped tell many stories over the years. Most of them, not my own.

From the time I could read, I pored over product labels. I must have read the Annie's mac and cheese box 100 times.

My appreciation for the power of a good story was developed young. And throughout my career working with clients, it has been reaffirmed over and over. A good story, one that is genuine and sincere and speaks to people, is hard to overvalue. 

A good copywriter supports you in writing the stories that matter.
But copywriting involves a lot more than meets the eye. 

It includes researching what's already been said about the subject.

It requires finding the right shape for the story you want to tell.

It's figuring out how to share your story in a way that's nuanced.

It's determining how to tell your story in an authentic way that doesn't leave you feeling too vulnerable. 

And of course, it also involves editing: page by page, line by line, comma by comma.  

If you're a business owner, here are some of the ways we can work together:

I can help you find the story. 


What are the stories that are important in your business? Identifying and shaping those narratives is integral to building a relationship with your audience.

I can help you think through ideas.


Want to write a book? Trying to figure out what your message is? A big part of my job as a copywriter is listening, and I love being a sounding board for my clients. That's often how the best stories emerge.

I can wordsmith your copy.


In your brand's voice, I can write emails, web copy, bios, product/service descriptions, scripts, podcast show notes, and more. Let's talk about what you need.

I can find typos like my life depends on it.


I have an eagle eye for typos, grammar errors and inconsistencies, and confusing syntax. We all make mistakes when drafting copy (me included!), but I'll make sure your final versions are polished. 

What stories might we tell together? 


Here are some stories you might be eager to tell:

  • The story of why you started your business and found your purpose through the work you do

  • The stories of what led you to a new project or offering that you're excited to offer your audience

  • The reason behind a big pivot in your business or change in perspective on the work you do

  • The significance behind new products or offerings you're sharing with your audience

  • The story of who you are and what's most important for people to know about you 

  • The story of the challenges your business or organization has faced and how you've handled them

  • The stories your clients or constituents have shared with you and what meaning they bring 

Want to talk about what's possible?​

Send me an email or book a free 30-minute intro call to chat with me. I look forward to hearing your stories.

Please note that there is currently a short waitlist for copywriting/editing services as I only take on a limited number of clients at a time. I'm happy to share details about my availability over email or on an intro call. 

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