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Why "Alongside" Editorial?

I chose Alongside Editorial for a few reasons.

1) I am a working writer with two novels in progress. My path runs parallel to my writing clients, and I don't hold myself up as an expert" in writing. Rather, I consider myself a lifelong writer and curious person whose expertise with clients is listening and relating. I experience many of the same challenges that my clients do when it comes to the creative process, publishing, and beyond, and I like to be open about those experiences with them.

2). My goal is to sit alongside my clients through their unique projects and processes. As an editor, it's my goal to elevate each writer's choices and objectives and make the project feel even more their own. I believe the writer is the expert in their own work, and I reject the notion that I can tell a writer what's "right" or "wrong" about their manuscript or project. My focus is on helping distill the things a client wants to say, and helping them find authentic ways for their manuscripts to say those things too.

3) A story: On one particularly strange day in my life, I noticed a flock of snow buntings in the grass. I was in the passenger seat of a truck, and we were driving slowly. The snow buntings flew along with us, stopping every so often in the golden November grass to flutter around each other.  After maybe a mile, we lost them, but I was so comforted by their presence as they flew alongside. I try to bring that kind of energy to my client work: to provide companionship and reassurance in every interaction, even when a client isn't sure why they need that support in the first place--they just know they do. There can be incredibly lonely moments in all our writing lives, and it's my hope that I can make the creative process a little easier for people just by being in it with them. 

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