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Image by Victoria Strukovskaya

The Alongside Retreat

Register for an Alongside Retreat
Select your retreat date. (The start date you select must be at least one week from today.)
Would you like to receive an Alongside Box? (This is a standard part of the Alongside Retreat unless you request not to receive it, or if you live outside the contiguous U.S.)

If you are receiving a box, please answer the questions below. Thank you!

Do you prefer:

Terms and Conditions:

Alongside Retreats are not refundable, but if you need to change the dates of your retreat, you may do so up to 7 days prior to your scheduled start date. If your retreat is scheduled to begin in less than a week, postponements are only granted for sickness and emergencies. I always honor these reasons for needing to postpone as I want you to get the most out of your retreat.


For all scheduling matters, please email me at Gemma [@] alongside Thank you! 


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