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Developmental Editing

I work with writers who have completed a draft of a manuscript (a novel, or a collection of short stories or personal essays) and are seeking an editorial perspective on their work. I also sometimes work with writers on short manuscripts--a single essay or a short story.


As an editor, I'm honored to work with writers who want another perspective on their work. I'm drawn to any project where the writer feels a sense of uncertainty (Is this theme landing? Does that character come through the way I've intended? Is it done?), because it's then that editorial partnerships and conversations can be most fruitful. 

Click here to learn more about developmental editing. 

Project Support

I work with writers who want sustained support on creative projects-in-progress. Working on a creative project is often a lonely-ish endeavor, and knowing that someone is sitting alongside you--thinking about the challenges, sharing in the excitement--can make a big difference. 


Through conversation, discussion of craft, and feedback on work-in-progress, we work together to bring ideas to fruition. The goal is to create energy around your work that sustains you, and not only motivates you to write or revise, but gets you thinking about your project in the "off" hours too. 

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