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Image by Benoit Gauzere

Alongside Hour

When you have a creative idea, you might not always be able to express it concisely...or even at all.


Alongside Hours are about being in the thick of an idea you find compelling, even if you don't know why. It might be related to your story, novel or essay in progress, or it could be about your creative life or imagination.

There's no written feedback here--just 60 minutes of talking through an idea together and discovering what there is to find. 

Pricing: $88

Click here to book an Alongside Session.

You can arrive to your Alongside Session with: 

  • A vague question that is hard to articulate 

  • A set of questions that feel related, but you're not sure how

  • An image, idea, or dream that has been kicking around in your mind

  • A specific question or puzzle that you have no idea how to answer

Essentially, anything goes. As long as it relates to creativity in some way, it's right for an Alongside Session.

Some examples of ways an Alongside Session might open:

  • I know this dream I had ties into my novel--but I have no idea how, or why I feel so certain that it belongs.

  • How can I feel inspired  by my creative project again?

  • I want to tell a particular story from my life, but I don't know where to begin or if it's even worth telling.

  • The structure of my novel feels wrong.

Our hour together is meant to give you a fresh creative perspective. We won't answer 

Click here to book an Alongside Session.

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