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Story Collaboration

Have a story to tell?

I've helped tell many stories over the years. Most of them, not my own.


I've helped shape narratives about motherhood, chronic illness, grief, and transition.

I've told stories of fledgling and growing businesses and why the people behind them believe in them.

I've written grant proposals, board reports, marketing copy, email campaigns, and everything that goes along with them.

I've written an obituary, and over 10 years later, still consider it one of the most beautiful experiences of my writing life.

Some reasons you might want help telling your story:

You don't consider yourself a writer.


You want to team up with someone who can help you get the words "right" and express the true nature of the story, the memory, or whatever it is you're interested in getting down on paper.

You are already juggling lots of priorities.


Let's face it: we don't always have time to sit back and tell stories, even though that truly sounds like the dream (to me). Your time might be occupied by your job, your family, caregiving responsibilities, and more.

You don't know how to tell the story.


Maybe you're good with words, but a particular story eludes you. Certain stories can be challenging to tell. Coming at them from a different angle, with another perspective in the mix, can be very helpful. 

You want to get at the deeper story.

Sometimes it's not until we start talking about something that we realize, "Oh, this story isn't what I thought." That's a beautiful moment--when we see the real story unfolding before our eyes.

What stories might we tell together? 

There are many options and I welcome your ideas! Here are some stories you might be eager to tell:

Stories from life / for individuals: 


  • A memory you want to preserve (and perhaps understand its significance better--storytelling can help with that, too)

  • The story of your child's entrance into this world (whether that's a birth story, an adoption story, an IVF story, or...)

  • A love story--whether it's the story of you and your current partner in advance of a celebratory day, or a love story to yourself

  • Your queer and/or coming out story, whether that story spans a few days/months/years or fills decades or a lifetime

  • Stories from older members of your family or circle (so long as they have have consented to sharing their stories)

  • Stories that are hard to talk about--whether they revolve around disability, grief, loss, trauma, or all of the above

Stories from work / for small business owners and organizations: 

  • The story of why you started your business and found your purpose through the work you do

  • The stories of what led you to a new project or offering that you're excited to offer your audience

  • The reason behind a big pivot in your business or change in perspective on the work you do

  • The significance behind new products or offerings you're sharing with your audience

  • The story of who you are and what's most important for people to know about you 

  • The story of the challenges your business or organization has faced and how you've handled them

  • The stories your clients or constituents have shared with you and what meaning they bring 

Please keep in mind that I am not a therapist and the work we do is not a replacement for therapeutic support. In fact, depending on the stories you want to tell, some of the work we do together can be emotionally challenging. Please always prioritize yourself and your well-being and seek the support you find useful and nourishing. 

Want to talk about what's possible?​

Send me an email or book a free 30-minute intro call to chat with me. I look forward to hearing your stories.

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