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Project Support

Working on a creative project is often a lonely (or lonely-ish) endeavor, and knowing that someone is sitting alongside you--thinking about the challenges, sharing in the excitement--can make an immense difference. 


Through conversation, discussion about craft, and feedback on work-in-progress, we work together to bring projects to fruition. The goal is to create a conversation about your work that sustains you, and not only motivates you to write or revise, but gets you thinking about your project in the "off" hours too. 

Project support might be for you if:

  • You feel disconnected from your project despite your desire to work on it and see it through.

  • You feel uncertain how to execute your creative ideas or whether an idea is "worthwhile."

  • You feel confidence in your project, but the reality of your day-to-day life doesn't allow for creative work.

  • You want to externalize some of the conversations you've been having in your head about your project.


How project support flows:

This offering is adaptable and can be tailored to individual needs, but a typical flow looks like this:


1. We get on the same page--literally.  

We have an introductory 20-minute meeting and then you share some writing with me. It might be three or 30 pages, depending on your project, but the idea is for me to see what you're working on and get excited about it with you. 

2. We have a 45-minute meeting to define your objectives for our partnership. 

We talk about your project, your challenges, and how often we should meet. We also talk about whether you want feedback on the manuscript, or if you primarily need support around accountability and motivation. 

3. We draw the map. 

This is our game plan. Based on what we talked about during our longer meeting, we get objectives written up, dates on the calendar, and a plan in place.

4. We begin.

This is the fun part, and also the real work! 


Project support is offered on a sliding scale. The monthly pricing will range depending on how much structure and 1:1 time you desire. You can choose to enroll in project support for as short as one month or as long as you choose.


Accessibility price: $60/hr

Reduced price: $90/hr

Contributor price: $120/hr 

(Won't be billed hourly, will be a monthly fee, but cost will depend on # of meetings and if they want ms review)

Want to chat about Project Support? Click here to book a 20-minute intro meeting to talk about the possibilities. 

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