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Thoughtful and thorough editorial support

for creative works and thoughts in progress.

Helping creative people stay true to their wonderfully weird ideas and intentions.
Developmental editing 
Alongside Hours & The Alongside Retreat
Copywriting & copyediting
Hi, I'm Gemma (she/her). I'm an editor, writer, and reader who strives for thoughtfulness, thoroughness, and trust in every editorial project I undertake. 


My philosophy: 

It’s my goal to help distill the essence of what a writer or creative person most wants to say, and help them find a way for their narrative to say it too. I'm particularly interested in narratives that grapple with the complexities (and fickleness) of the human experience--relationship stories, family stories, and stories of the self.


I enjoy working with people in all stages of the writing process, but especially writers who have hit a point where they feel stuck, unsure, or doubtful.


I love getting to know other writers through editorial partnerships and have great appreciation for the trusting collaboration these partnerships require.

My background:

I earned my MFA in fiction at UMass Boston and my B.A. in English at Bowdoin College, where I also studied poetry, creative nonfiction, and journalism. I worked at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown for a decade, where I managed its online creative writing workshop program for six years, working closely with faculty and students alike. I have spent even longer working as an editor and writer. My writing has been published in magazines and journals like Provincetown Arts, Art New England, and Topography, and I helped establish the Cape Cod Poetry Review. My work has been supported by scholarships from the Salty Quill Writers' Retreat and others. I've been a guest workshop facilitator for Made Visible and I'm a manuscript consultant with Pioneer Valley Writers' Workshop. I am revising my first novel while exploring an idea for my second. 

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